A car insurance policy covers the expenses for damages caused to your car due to accidents, or even theft. These situations can cause real damage to your vehicle. To minimise the cost of these unforeseen eventualities, you need a car insurance policy. According to the Nigerian Insurance Industry September 2019, there are 12 million registered vehicles in Nigeria but only 2.53 million are captured Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID). We compare car insurance quotes from over 50 Licensed Insurance Companies In Nigeria to help you save

Business insurance covers your company for financial losses in case anything goes wrong because of your business activities. It can help towards the cost of compensation claims and legal fees, as well as damage to your property or employee-related issues. It’s usually tailored to your industry or specialism too.

Home insurance offers financial protection against damage to your property and possessions. It'll usually cover things like fire, theft, flooding and subsidence. It can also help to cover the cost of damages caused by accidents and home emergencies – depending on the cover you choose. It comes in two parts, buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can buy them separately or together as a combined policy.
Health insurance, often referred to as private medical insurance (PMI), is an insurance policy which helps cover the cost of private treatment for pre-agreed conditions and ailments. You'll sometimes hear it called PMI, but in most cases the product is the same - although what's covered will vary from policy to policy. You’ll pay a monthly or annual premium for your insurance and when you need to access private care, your medical covers some or all of these costs.

Accidents happen, no matter where you are in the world. Travel insurance covers medical treatment or emergencies, as well as loss of possessions. Getting ill or injured abroad can be more complicated and expensive than when you’re in the UK. Taking out travel insurance can give you peace of mind should the unexpected happen. The main benefit is emergency medical cover, which can be very expensive.

Life insurance pays out a lump sum to your loved ones if you pass away or are diagnosed with a terminal illness whilst your policy’s in place. It’s not a legal requirement, but it could give your dependents financial stability when you die. It can cover any outstanding financial commitments you have - like your mortgage or loan repayments - so your family won’t be left with payments they can’t afford after you’re gone.